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“NEXTAKES grew naturally out of the work I’ve been doing for years: choreographing for individual students and professionals, developing the dance outreach program for AMDA College Conservatory, and auditioning and recruiting students for their programs.

I bring 25 years of experience in the dance world including a BFA degree in dance, experience as a professional dancer and choreographer, & a wealth of knowledge as a former college dance recruiter. I will help each student create the best total package for the future they want with personalized advice and an audition solo tailored to their individual strengths and desired dance programs. Be confident in your solo and learn how to make a great impression at college auditions. My clients step into auditions with confidence, knowledge, and a clear understanding of how to realize a dance career in college and beyond.”

-Kai Hazelwood

NEXTAKES offers:

WORKSHOPS Understand the wide variety of professional and educational options available to aspiring dancers today. Should I go to college? How do I pick the right school or program? Am I good enough for college, or a professional career? What should I do and what do I need to be prepared? You will learn how to pick the right option for you and your family based on your career goals (even if you’re not sure what they are!)

CHOREOGRAPHY Applying to college or certificate programs? NexTakes creates unique solo choreography tailored to each individual dancer and the programs they are auditioning for. Dancers will up their audition game by preparing with an expert.