My career is a bit like an octopus; it has many arms. My friends and family might say I’m a workaholic, but when you’re lucky enough to have your passion be your career, the time other people might fill with hobbies I devote to work because it’s what I love. So, here is what my octopus looks like:

I am an artist, activist, and educator based in Los Angeles and working internationally. The foundation of my work is collaboration. I believe collaboration is how artists grow, communities thrive, and new opportunities are created. I am interested in creating meaningful collaborative structures that create the conditions for my own artist expression, and the development of the current and future of the field of dance.

I work with an ever-evolving roster of amazing people to create work with strong, clear narrative ideas that interweave the personal and political. I use human-scale theatricality to translate personal, intimate stories, through movement, into relatable performance pieces that live in the borderlands between dance theatre and physical theatre. 

I produce and program performance opportunities and workshops for movers and makers. I’m happy to be a part of developing the next generation of internationally renowned artists with a particular focus on queer artists and artists of color.

I strive always for emotional authenticity, vulnerability, and honesty in collaboration, movement intention, and education. I work always to challenge my students and myself to invest more deeply in learning, to never pretend but honestly embody where they are as technicians, artists, and people everyday.