I am a dancer, dance theater maker, and dance educator. I strive always for emotional authenticity, vulnerability, and honesty in movement intention, choreography and education. I use human-scale theatricality to translate personal, intimate stories, through movement, into relatable performance pieces. On stage I tell my secrets in the hopes that they will speak to yours, shine light into the places we keep hidden, and allow us to communally exorcise demons. I look for ways to connect with my audience in a personal way, to make my work feel more intimate (sometimes maybe even uncomfortable). I am drawn to new stories, and old stories shared in a new way. How can the banal, turned on its ear, become fresh again?

I work to carve out a home in the borderlands between disciplines. I am a dancer, but my work moves beyond the virtuosity of my formal dance training. I’m not an actor, yet my work is undeniably theatrical. I work with text, but I’m certainly not a writer. I am interested in creating meaningful collaborative structures to find new ways of reaching new communities of audiences and students. I work always to challenge my students and myself to invest more deeply in learning, to never pretend but honestly embody where they are as technicians, artists, and people everyday.